Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fresh from the Oven

Today is calm, despite of the unfinished assignments. I knew I'm not as good like those in my class, but I've done my best in my very first Biology quiz. I'll remember the position of sphenoid bone for the rest of my life, as I did a mistake in the labellings section of the quiz. Still, not very satisfied about my Biochemistry marks; 23/30. I should put more effort on that. Quiz is fun and thrilling only after we get our marks. So, I'm average. That's what I can best describe myself. I'm not one of the geniuses here.

In my way of constructing the best slide show for the subject, 'Civilization in Medicine' presentation, I am taking a little rest by posting today's blog.

What a waste I did not bring my fresh written poem, a poem with very interesting and deep values. Nah, no worries. I'll post that at anytime. I promise.

Alright, there are few new students here, at the library. I'm feeling sorry for them because it seems like they have nothing to do at all, not like us who are working with our assignments. Ha, ha...! Although they are at the same age like me, I almost feel like a super senior. Those descent looks, fresh aura and new faces excite me especially when one boy asked me about borrowing book at the library. He, like the other new students, have not get their ID card. So, sorry to say, we can easily spot fresh comers from a mile because of the lame tags. No offends. I was glad at the moment we got our own INTEC ID cards. What a relieve! In my heart that time, I spoke,

"Alas, we are part of the club now..."

As a conclusion, new people are always becoming the attraction. In that case, have a new spirit every day so that you can develop an attraction towards doing many awesome things. For example, when you are learning certain subjects, have a new full spirit to them. If you are having full interest, you would not care how a person talks. All that matters is, you want to know everything the person is telling you.

You can do it, Maya Dealove. You are lovable (giving credits is good, do not underrate yourself) You'll never get bored staring at the bulky chunks of your books then; speaking about pre-university students.

Get excited to learn new things and be willing to accept challenges. "You'll never know until you try."

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