Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brown Eyes Sight

“sedapnya pe yg Naqiyan Anis mkn tuh...”

then I stunt myself, “no, no, no... It’s almost midnight and I am concerning on sloppy bulk of fats now. My bad.”

I turned to the kitchen for a nice warm mug of milk before that, one of the ways to get rid of eating something silly like biscuits and bla3 in this inappropriate time.

There are people who say, “aku malas la nak pantang2 bab makan ni..”

Then you will regret if you lose one of those benefits God gifted in your body. I don’t want to be sick sooner, and I do not wish a slow motioned moving limbs (because of ‘extra baggage’ I have).

Oh yeah, applying milk essence (don’t think that thing is actually exists) really helps in case u wanna make plump seducing reddish pink lips. That’s why from that day that my former school warden said the acceptable nutritional fact, I stuck my nose and do the ‘lactose-sipping’ process from day to day. My hypothesis, it’s good if the milk is warm coz chemical reaction is faster that way. Whatever. Miscellaneous babbling ends in this paragraph.

Today my housemates and I made a good trip to a book fair in Egypt. This annual fair is a must-to-go. I’ve been longing to get my butt on a book. I guess I bought books with reliable contents; Healing Body and Soul, As if Muhammad is Here, Journey to Ten Thousand Veils and one single odd fellow; Gossip Girl: I Will Always Love You... Opps, can’t help with that. Hee.

Appealing love novels attract the girls. As predicted, those are not for me. Na’ah. Not to mention, I don’t understand why I hate Harry Potter novel so sudden, compared to where I can still take an academic literary look on the movies... And the lame thin cover of the novel made it worse. The drawings of the book cover was unfortunately the kind of thing, or anything I do not have the idea what to call that; but it’s just so...err, scary? Oh dear.

“Is that the well known novel for real? Why it looks so cheap? Why there is such version? Where the original print with hard cover went?”

Yeah, baby... That’s sad. I hate J. K. Rowling for that; for allowing such cruelty to literature, arts and writings. Haha. Because the genuine copy I saw the last time (when I was a school student) was different. I swear. That was the second time I saw lame printing of Harry Potter’s. Before this, there were Harry Potter’s absurdly translated to Malay+thin covered? No offense to my beloved official language of Malaysia, just that I hate fakers and anything close to fakers deadly to hell. I hardly find a loyal and true friend, which could be the reason why I think people just do not mind or care to make friends with me and I scarcely can have some faith in people. Back to the main core, it’s more than just an issue of a book cover.

Every element I see is always more than what the eyes can tell. For the second time, I hate fakers and I hate for not having choices other than play fake, fake, fake bogus acts in my life, just to make sure no one’s ever, ever sympathise on me... Hope I do not have to pretend any longer. Ameen. 

I’ll end this post with a reminder to myself, 

“Dear Allah my Almighty Lord, thanks for giving me a chance to live life for the better, for the wrong doings I’ve indicated too much in my life. I pray that you let me be among your grateful righteous servant.”

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