Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Now it’s been at noon, i tried to start my “Healthy Yum-O’ diet with a half of cup of oats from Ragab Aulad Market. Or is it Aulad Ragab? Whatever. I know it sounds, “YUCKS!!!”, so i put in some sugar, small chunks of bananas and some milk. I tasted it. Now it tastes “YUCKS, YUCKS!!!”.... Muahaha... Now what do we have? Unfinished meal besides my laptop. Burp, I’m already full a.k.a. lost my appetite. 

It’s so Yum-O huh? Well it’s not! Haha. But I like it. Just not with the taste. Like I was sticking my throat with bunches of glutens. I can see the polysaccharide glue stretching out from it when I was lifting the spoon... Fuh3, you can do it... There’s nothing like a healthy diet...That’s what we call eating oat. Maya Dealove, just another bite... You can do it... 

Tried so hard to make friends of you, my dear (Mr Oat)... But your taste is still the same.Huk3... (wow, saw a carbonated drink on the table, think it’s mine...muahahaha)

Oh yeah... bout the last post, the title of the book I mentioned was ‘Muhammad: As If He is Here’. Actually, it should be, ‘Muhammad: As if You can See Him’... Tadaa...

p/s: ttbe aten aqila pass Chipsy kat aku... haha. nasib la, rosak dh diet hari ni... hehehe....


  1. ado la maya..
    ko diet ke pe nie ??
    x jd la..

  2. aduii.. hancus... huuu...
    well, chill saja....


  3. kelebet2 tak main r...

    haishh, pe r ko igtkn ak psl dia... haddoiii...

  4. hahaha..
    ok r..
    bygkn die diet..
    x kelebet da doe..

  5. bape dia byr ko ni utk ckp cmtuh??? ahakz